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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Vision4Whaley is small group of volunteers preparing a Neighbourhood plan for the town. 

We see the value in a local voice. We want to be a catalyst for positive change.

Learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan on this website.



The rural Parish of Whaley Bridge comprises five unique and distinct hubs - Whaley, Furness Vale, Bridgemont, Taxal and Fernilee, set within beautiful countryside on the edge of the Peak National Park.

The future

Whaley Bridge in 2032 will be a sustainable and thriving local community meeting the needs of all generations. The distinctive local environment, unique character and naturally beautiful surrounding countryside will be preserved and enhanced. Requirements for housing, jobs and local services will be met.

Our vision over the period of the Neighbourhood Plan to 2032 is to ensure:

  • the unique character and community spirit of each area is maintained and strengthened.

  • the physical and natural elements within those areas which people hold dear are preserved, protected and enhanced.

  • the areas thrive individually and as a whole through investment, visitor interest, job creation and controlled development which corresponds to longer term needs of residents and business needs alike.

  • the needs and aspirations of the next generation are a focus of our planning today.

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